A little background on my yoga journey, because who doesn't love a good story? :)

I have been practicing yoga for 8+ years now, and for most of those years I was simply a student. I found yoga during the fall of my senior year in college - my roommates and I would take a class offered at the campus Hillel on Thursday evenings to kick off our weekend (that's back when every weekend was a three-day weekend.. the golden years!). We would leave feeling super zen and like we deserved every drink we were about to consume later that night.

Fast forward to about one year later -  I had moved to New York City, was fresh out of college + living with a roomie in the East Village, and working long hours in a city public school as part of a year-long Americorps program. I had always been good about keeping up with a workout routine and I decided to start incorporating yoga classes into the mix since a) I used to be a dancer and was craving purposeful movement, and b) there were so many cool studios in the city I was curious to try.

After the first few classes, I was seriously hooked. Why? Because my MIND felt different after I practiced yoga. I felt like I was able to let go of my day and reset my body. I’d take class at night, and the next morning I would wake up feeling re-energized and ready to tackle the long work day ahead. I kept going, multiple times per week. Flash forward to another year, later, when a shaky break-up knocked me down, I knew where I could go to work through it all in my mind (yoga class - duh!)

Over the next few years, I kept going to class. I also became more interested in overall health and wellness, but nothing crazy - just like your average, 20-something, NYC girl does. I was completing my master’s degree in occupational therapy and had always been interested in holistic health and the human body. I lived a normal life, but on the side had this amazing tool (yoga) that I felt was a rock for my soul. Yes, I started to improve in the physical poses. I started to get my headstand away from the wall. I could finally do chaturanga correctly (I think? That ish takes years...). But more than that, I started to see yoga creeping up for me off the mat as well. I was using it to help calm me down, change my mood, and strengthen my relationships. It just happened. I didn't even really try.

Now, five+ years later, after lots of trainings, mentorships, and hours and hours of practice, I get to teach yoga to other people. I get to lead people through poses and breath, and hope that, just like me, they feel better afterwards. And not only that, but that they begin to live their yoga off their mat, too. That’s why I'm here to do and I can't wait for us to get started!